Another Balloon Pirate.. Ayyeeee

Balloon Pirate sculpture Balloon Pirate sculpture 2

Be carefull as you cross this balloon pirate Matey!  These balloon pirates literally steal the show.  Please give us extra time to create these creative twisted pieces of art.

Large balloon sculptures grab attention!

8foot tall Balloon Cowboy Boot Large Balloon Anchor

These large balloon sculptures were the hit of the party. First is a ten foot tall balloon cowboy boot and the next is a eight foot tall balloon anchor with chain.  Contact us for a balloon sculpture that is sure to add wow to your event.

The Playing Card men from Alice in Wonderland

queen of hearts men from alice in wonderland queen of hearts men from alice in wonderland 2

Here are a few shots of the playing card men from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  We created several of these to create that authentic atmosphere.  The Radisson was a great location for this party as the hotel is shaped like a castle.